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Submitted By: Luci Sandor (lucisandor)
Assigned to: Nobody/Anonymous (nobody)
Summary: Training wizard is purely wrong

Initial Comment:
When I installed it, I didn't thought to keep spam (as 
any normal person would do). So I didn't use the wizard 
(esp. since it doesn't like "deleted mail" folder where 
some spam might be kept).
After one month of using, I saw that I couldn't train it 
on good messages, since they were kept as ham, but 
the score for those words was not added to database 
(correct if I'm wrong).
One day I moved the spam from "Deleted" to another 
folder and I applied the training wizad. Guess what? It 
erased all the spam training I've provided in the last 
So don't use Training Wizard to train SpamBayes, 
because the only thing it does is to delete your 


>Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2003-11-26 14:41

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Your database is only 'deleted' if you check the 'rebuild 
database from scratch' box in the training section of the 
manager dialog.  Otherwise the training is simply added to it.

The Wizard is designed for initial setup, not for ongoing use - 
so it does start from scratch.  You should try using the 
training methods that are available from the manager dialog - 
or the incremental training - or using the 'delete as spam' 
and 'recover from spam' buttons.

If you want to train on mail that was correctly classified as 
ham, then you can either use the manager dialog, or you can 
delete it as spam, and then recover it.  There's an existing 
feature request for a 'train as ham' or 'keep as good' button, 
which would make this easier.  You probably don't need to 
train it, though, if it was correctly classified.


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