[spambayes-bugs] 1.0a6 & python 2.2.1 eats message ends, recursion depth

Janne Sinkkonen janne.sinkkonen at hut.fi
Wed Oct 15 19:19:16 EDT 2003

Two bugs in 1.0a6 with python 2.2.1:

- I have a mail message which I have recurrently feed to sb_filter,
and at every round it eats one character from the end of the message.
I guess the original was without a trailing newline. (just a guess)

- With a large collection in the maildir format (thousands of
messages), the python recursion depth is exceeded. Remedied by
increasing the recursion depth, surprisingly...

Sorry if these have been reported already - I just subscribed and have
been too lazy to read the archives, if they exist.


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