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Bugs item #923921, was opened at 2004-03-26 07:03
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Category: Outlook
Group: Binary 1.0a9 (0.9)
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Clay Fenlason (komotso)
Assigned to: Mark Hammond (mhammond)
Summary: 100% Spam moved only to 

Initial Comment:
About 5-10% of all 100%-spam gets shifted to the
"Possible Spam" folder rather than the "Spam" folder. 
I had this problem with 0.8 as well, and was able to
get around it by setting the plug-in to filter the
"Possible Spam" folder as well (so those messages were
basically getting filtered twice).  But version 0.9
explicitly won't let me do this.

There are no errors in the log, I tried lowering the
"possible" range even further, to no avail.  The
filtering seems to otherwise be functioning correctly.
 It's only that a small fraction of messages are
filtered according to the "possible" action despite
having a spam score of 100%.

The Spam Clues readout for one such message is attached.

Outlook 2003
Windows 2003


Comment By: Dan Zenchelsky (dzenc)
Date: 2004-06-06 04:13

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I'm seeing this behavior as well.  Show spam clues shows 
100% Spam but the log files says that it classified it 
as 'unsure' and the mail is moved to the possible spam folder.

How do I show the "spam column" in outlook?  I can't find it.


Comment By: Clay Fenlason (komotso)
Date: 2004-04-06 06:53

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[Response to kpitt comment]

I haven't set up the spam column in Outlook, so it is only
the "Show Spam Clues," yes.  However, I didn't do any
additional training before checking the clues.


Comment By: Kenny Pitt (kpitt)
Date: 2004-03-26 09:15

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Does the Spam column in Outlook show the message as 
100%, or only when you do "Show spam clues"? Did you train 
on any other messages between the time that the message 
was filtered to Possible Spam and when you looked at the 
spam clues for the message? "Show spam clues" scores the 
message using the current training data at the time that you 
select the menu option, which isn't necessarily the same as 
the training data that was used to score the message when it 
was first received.


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