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Category: Outlook
Group: 1.0.1
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Submitted By: robert (elitemrp)
>Assigned to: Kenny Pitt (kpitt)
Summary: Outlook.exe will not terminate when launched via mailto

Initial Comment:
I first ran into this problem a few months ago at work. 
But at the time I thought it was related to a custom 
program we run here. But now I noticed I can easily 
reproduce the problem on any computer running 
SpamBayes+Outlook 2003 on Windows XP.

Basically, I will open Outlook via the icon to read mail. I 
will then close Outlook, and if I have Task Manager 
open, I will see that Outlook.exe closes correctly.

Now if I launch a mailto: link (or use a program that 
launches a new mail), where the Compose Mail window 
opens, but not the actual outlook program, the problem 
occurs. If I close the compose mail window, by either 
clicking Send, or closing it without sending, the 
OUTLOOK.EXE task will not exit.

If I launch Outlook again, I'll now have multiple instances 
of OUTLOOK.EXE in task manager.

Now the multiple instances is what caused the problem 
with our custom software at work, but that has nothing 
to do with the fact that Outlook does not exit correctly 
when running Spambayes and having a program/mailto 
link open the Compose Mail window.

Yes I realize there have been 2 previous tickets about 
OUTLOOK.EXE closing, but none came to the conclusion 
that it's caused by a Compose Mail window. And both 
are closed without a solution.

I have tested this on several computers and have tried 
multiple things to try to fix it (such as renaming 
extend.dat and other files) and nothing seems to work.


>Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2005-01-24 18:53

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Maybe this is specific to Outlook 2003 then?  Kenny: you've
got 2003, right?  Can you try and replicate this?


Comment By: robert (elitemrp)
Date: 2005-01-22 00:49

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Yes, it only happens with SpamBayes installed.

I install SpamBayes, set up the toolbar, etc

Close Outlook, type mailto:blah at blah.com in a browser or click 
a mail link and it opens the Compose Mail window. Once I close 
this window, Outlook.exe ramains in the task list. If I click 
another mailto link I'll have 2 stuck open, then 3, etc

If I have only 1 process loaded and it's the main Outlook 
window, when I click a mailto link it will work fine since it 
doesn't load a separate outlook.exe process. It only does this 
when the main outlook program isn't loaded.

Once I uninstall SpamBayes or uncheck it in the COM Add-Ins 
area in Outlook, this problem goes away. As soon as I close a 
Compose Mail window, OUTLOOK.EXE terminates correctly.

I've tried this on several PCs, some with fresh installs of XP/
Outlook, some with several months old installs and other 
applications, it's the same on each.



Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2005-01-21 16:17

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Have you tried this without SpamBayes installed?  I get the
same behaviour without SpamBayes, which says to me it's an
Outlook problem, not a SpamBayes one.


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