[spambayes-bugs] delays when reading mail with attachments

Waldman, Eric ewaldman at ndc.edu
Thu Nov 3 17:10:45 CET 2005

Eventually after every installation of spambayes v1.04 via the windows
installer executable, spambayes will decide that when there is an
attachment with any given email, it will lock up outlook 2003 for about
15 seconds before it processes/displays the email.  It's very
inconvenient and slows things down to an unacceptable level ; this will
continue to happen until I un-install and then re-install the program,
whereupon everything will be fine for a month or two and then the
problem will (seemingly) magically reappear. 



Any ideas on what might be causing this and what can be done about it?



Eric Waldman

Manager, Notre Dame College Bookstore




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