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Thu Jan 19 10:20:47 CET 2006

Feature Requests item #973376, was opened at 2004-06-16 04:50
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Category: Outlook
Group: None
Status: Open
Priority: 5
Submitted By: Lance (lancevictor)
Assigned to: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Summary: Make "Delete as Spam" *really* Delete the email

Initial Comment:
Proposed change in functionality:

If SpamBayes automatically detects spam, it moves it to 
the Spam folder (where I can go to verify that it really 
was spam).  On the other hand if *I* select a message 
and click "Delete As Spam" I'd like the message to be 
moved to my deleted folder (ie: a human has already 
verified that it really is spam and it can safely be 
deleted completely, not moved to "spam").


>Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2006-01-19 22:20

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I still don't see why this is a problem, given that you have
to delete the messages (either manually or with something
like autoarchive) in the spam folder anyway.

I would not be happy with a patch that deleted the message -
a big plus of the Outlook plug-in is that we can safely say
that  SpamBayes never deletes the user's mail.  A patch that
adds an option to have clicking the "Spam" button move a
message to the Deleted Items folder would be acceptable, IMO.

No work has been done on this, and developer time is pretty
short at the moment (and more likely to be spent on other
things, I expect).  As such, if anyone wants to work up a
patch and submit it here, that would be great.  If you have
questions, feel free to ask here or spambayes-dev at python.org.


Comment By: Noam (noamt)
Date: 2006-01-19 04:37

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Will it be done? Is it already fixed in CVS? Do you need
help with implementing it?


Comment By: Bill Mullen (om-bill)
Date: 2005-09-15 02:37

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I completely agree.  It is such a pain to process mail twice
(albeit not as painful as dealing with spam without SpamBayes).

To extend the request, allow the user to select where they
would like to send the mail that is manually processed.  

Absolute spam (auto detected) goes to spam folder
Possible spam (auto detected) goes to possible spam folder
Absolute span (manually processed) goes to Deleted Items folder


Comment By: John Clutterbuck (jclutterbuck)
Date: 2005-01-21 21:44

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I totally agree. I have been using SpamBayes plugin for
Outlook for about a month as I get up to 40 SPAM a day. I
habitually check and clear my spam folder as I still get the
odd false positive message.

Messages that I remove from Suspects and (rarely) Inbox
using 'Delete as Spam' are moved to my Spam folder where I
then have to delete them again.

I would like an option so that 'Delete as Spam' trains SB
that it is spam and then deletes it. This delete could
either move it to Deleted Items or permanently it - is this
a secondary option?


Comment By: Tony Meyer (anadelonbrin)
Date: 2004-10-07 19:26

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It looks like from 1.1 the buttons will be called "Spam" and
"Not Spam".  However, I presume that you'd still like this
functionality - and it would fit more nicely with that
change, IMO.

I suppose we could add a "move to Deleted Items" option
where the "mark as read" options are.

My main question is whether there is a need for this given
that you are presumably clearing out (somehow) the spam
folder anyway, does it matter if there are a few extra
emails as well?


Comment By: Soulin (soulin)
Date: 2004-09-22 03:03

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I must agree, in fact I actually wanted to post same thread :)


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