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Missing mail: it's odd that this is very suddenly a FAQ, and nowhere near a release.
I'm confident that it's not the plug-in, though, so that's what I've said.  I've put some
general 'how to find mail' tips there to try and help people along.
(Anyone else wondering if ISPs are to blame because they've put in too stringent
filters to try and block all the worm crud recently?)

Uninstall:  how to uninstall the plug-in, including removing the toolbar (the oldest
still-open bug!).  I'm pretty sure that this is the current situation...

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+ Some of my mail is going missing!
+ ---------------------------------
+ The plug-in *can not* delete your mail - if it arrived in Outlook, then
+ either it's still there, or something else removed it.
+ Check that the mail isn't in your 'Spam' folder *or* your 'Unsure'
+ folder, and that you are checking the correct folders (i.e. go to the
+ 'Filtering' tab of the SpamBayes dialog, and click on 'Browse' next to
+ the two movement options and check that you're moving to the folders you
+ think that you are).
+ You can try to search for the mail, too, using Outlook's 'Advanced Find'
+ (in the 'Tools' menu).  Even if you don't know the subject of the 'missing'
+ mail, you can search for all messages that have arrived since a certain date
+ or time.
+ Sometimes mail is in the Inbox (or another folder), but not visible.  This,
+ too, isn't SpamBayes's doing.  You can set Outlook up to only show a subset
+ of the messages in the folder, with a "View Filter".  The Outlook documentation
+ has more information about this (although the 'Advanced Find' will still
+ show the message).
+ Note that if you are using sb_server to receive your mail, then (1) you're
+ reading the wrong section of the FAQ <wink>, and (2) there is a slim chance
+ that SpamBayes is at fault - please use the normal bug reporting procedures.
+ How do I uninstall the plug-in?
+ -------------------------------
+ Note that if you simply want to disable the plug-in for a while, you can
+ do this by unticking the "Enable SpamBayes" box on the front page of the
+ "Manager" dialog.
+ If you installed the plug-in from source, then you simply need to re-run the
+ "addin.py" script, with the parameter "--unregister", and then delete the
+ toolbar in Outlook.
+ Otherwise, you uninstall the plug-in like you uninstall (almost) any other
+ Windows program, using the "Add/Remove Programs" Control Panel.  You'll see
+ the plug-in listed under "S" for "SpamBayes".  This will stop remove all the
+ program files that the plug-in installed, and stop the plug-in from working.
+ It would be a good idea to do this while Outlook is *not* running.
+ Note that this does *not* remove your personal setup files (deliberately).
+ This includes your databases and configuration files.  This means that if you
+ later reinstall the plug-in (or a later version), those files will still be
+ there, ready to use.  If you wish to remove these as well, you can remove them
+ like you would delete any other file (move them to the Recycle Bin).  The
+ `backup question`_ explains where you can find these files.
+ Note that `a bug with the plug-in`_ means that the SpamBayes toolbar is not
+ deleted on uninstall - although it *will* stop working.  You can delete this
+ yourself in Outlook: right-click on the toolbar, choose "Customize", then
+ select the SpamBayes toolbar and click "Delete".
+ Recently, there have been reports that the uninstaller has left some entries
+ in the registry - if this is the case with you, please add to that `bug tracker`_;
+ the next release will hopefully resolve this issue.  These should be harmless,
+ but if they bother you (and you are confident mucking about with the registry,
+ which we do *not* recommend), then you can remove those keys yourself.
+ .. _`backup question`: #can-i-back-up-the-outlook-database-should-i-do-this
+ .. _`bug tracker`: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=832183&group_id=61702&atid=498103
+ .. _`a bug with the plug-in`: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=675811&group_id=61702&atid=498103
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