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--- NEW FILE: dbExpImp.py ---
#! /usr/bin/env python

"""dbExpImp.py - Bayes database export/import



    This utility has the primary function of exporting and importing
    a spambayes database into/from a flat file.  This is useful in a number
    of scenarios.
    Platform portability of database - flat files can be exported and
    imported across platforms (winduhs and linux, for example)
    Database implementation changes - databases can survive database
    implementation upgrades or new database implementations.  For example,
    if a dbm implementation changes between python x.y and python x.y+1...
    Database reorganization - an export followed by an import reorgs an
    existing database, <theoretically> improving performance, at least in 
    some database implementations
    Database sharing - it is possible to distribute particular databases
    for research purposes, database sharing purposes, or for new users to
    have a 'seed' database to start with.
    Database merging - multiple databases can be merged into one quite easily
    by simply not specifying -n on an import.  This will add the two database
    nham and nspams together (assuming the two databases do not share corpora)
    and for wordinfo conflicts, will add spamcount and hamcount together.
    Spambayes software release migration - an export can be executed before
    a release upgrade, as part of the installation script.  Then, after the
    new software is installed, an import can be executed, which will
    effectively preserve existing training.  This eliminates the need for
    retraining every time a release is installed.
    Others?  I'm sure I haven't thought of everything...
    dbExpImp [options]

            -e     : export
            -i     : import
            -f: FN : flat file to export to or import from
            -d: FN : name of pickled database file to use
            -D: FN : name of dbm database file to use
            -m     : merge import into an existing database file.  This is
                     meaningful only for import. If omitted, a new database
                     file will be created.  If specified, the imported
                     wordinfo will be merged into an existing database.
                     Run dbExpImp -h for more information.
            -h     : help


    dbExpImp -e -d mybayes.db -f mybayes.db.export
        Exports pickled mybayes.db into mybayes.db.export as a csv flat file
    dbExpImp -i -D mybayes.db -f mybayes.db.export
        Imports mybayes.eb.export into a new DBM mybayes.db
    dbExpImp -e -i -n -d mybayes.db -f mybayes.db.export
        Exports then imports (reorganizes) new pickled mybayes.db
    dbExpImp -e -d abayes.db -f abayes.export
    dbExpImp -i -D abayes.db -f abayes.export
        Converts a bayes database from pickle to DBM
    dbExpImp -e -d abayes.db -f abayes.export
    dbExpImp -e -d bbayes.db -f bbayes.export
    dbExpImp -i -d newbayes.db -f abayes.export
    dbExpImp -i -m -d newbayes.db -f bbayes.export
        Creates a new database (newbayes.db) from two
        databases (abayes.db, bbayes.db)

To Do:
    o Suggestions?


# This module is part of the spambayes project, which is Copyright 2002
# The Python Software Foundation and is covered by the Python Software
# Foundation license.

__author__ = "Tim Stone <tim at fourstonesExpressions.com>"

from __future__ import generators

import storage
import sys, os, getopt, errno, re
import urllib

def runExport(dbFN, useDBM, outFN):

    print "running export on %s" % (dbFN)
    if useDBM:
        bayes = storage.DBDictClassifier(dbFN)
        bayes = storage.PickledClassifier(dbFN)

        fp = open(outFN, 'w')
    except IOError, e:
        if e.errno != errno.ENOENT:
    nham = bayes.nham;
    nspam = bayes.nspam;
    print "nham %s, nspam %s" % (nham, nspam)
    fp.write("%s,%s,\n" % (nham, nspam))
    for word in bayes.wordinfo:
        hamcount = bayes.wordinfo[word].hamcount
        spamcount = bayes.wordinfo[word].spamcount
        word = urllib.quote(word)
        fp.write("%s`%s`%s`\n" % (word, hamcount, spamcount))

def runImport(dbFN, useDBM, newDBM, inFN):

    if newDBM:
        except OSError, e:
            if e.errno != 2:     # errno.<WHAT>
    if useDBM:
        bayes = storage.DBDictClassifier(dbFN)
        bayes = storage.PickledClassifier(dbFN)

        fp = open(inFN, 'r')
    except IOError, e:
        if e.errno != errno.ENOENT:
    nline = fp.readline()
    print nline
    (nham, nspam, junk) = re.split(',', nline)
    if newDBM:
        bayes.nham = nham
        bayes.nspam = nspam
        bayes.nham += nham
        bayes.nspam += nspam
    lines = fp.readlines()
    for line in lines:
        (word, hamcount, spamcount, junk) = re.split('`', line)
        word = urllib.unquote(word)
            wi = bayes.wordinfo[word]
        except KeyError:
            wi = bayes.WordInfoClass()

        wi.hamcount += int(hamcount)
        wi.spamcount += int(spamcount)
        bayes._wordinfoset(word, wi)


if __name__ == '__main__':

        opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], 'iehmd:D:f:')
    except getopt.error, msg:
        print >>sys.stderr, str(msg) + '\n\n' + __doc__

    usePickle = False
    useDBM = False
    newDBM = True
    dbFN = None
    flatFN = None
    exp = False
    imp = False

    for opt, arg in opts:
        if opt == '-h':
            print >>sys.stderr, __doc__
        elif opt == '-d':
            useDBM = False
            dbFN = arg
        elif opt == '-D':
            useDBM = True
            dbFN = arg
        elif opt == '-f':
            flatFN = arg
        elif opt == '-e':
            exp = True
        elif opt == '-i':
            imp = True
        elif opt == '-m':
            newDBM = False

    if (dbFN and flatFN):
        if exp:
            runExport(dbFN, useDBM, flatFN)
        if imp:
            runImport(dbFN, useDBM, newDBM, flatFN)
        print >>sys.stderr, __doc__

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