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--- NEW FILE: readme_proxy.html ---
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
  <meta http-equiv="content-type"
 content="text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1">
<h1>SpamBayes Server/Proxy Application.</h1>
Wel come to SpamBayes<br>
This SpamBayes application sits between your Mail Server (generally at
your ISP) and your Mail program.&nbsp; Your mail program still believes
it is talking to a real mail server, but instead it is talking to
SpamBayes, which acts as a <span style="font-style: italic;">proxy</span>
between the two.<br>
SpamBayes will let all good email through normally.&nbsp; All Spam or
Unsure items are held by the application for your review.&nbsp; You
review all messages and configure SpamBayes itself via your web browser.<br>
If you use Microsoft Outlook, you should probably be using the Outlook
Addin, which was presented as an option at installation time.<br>
<h3>Getting Started</h3>
You should start the <span style="font-style: italic;">SpamBayes Tray
Icon</span> program, which was installed on your Start menu.&nbsp; It
is recommended<br>
<h3>Using the Service</h3>
There is a windows service program installed, but it is not configured
by the installation program.&nbsp; If you configure this manually, you
can continue to use the Tray Icon program, as it will control the
service instead of running the server internally as it normally does.<br>
To install the service, perform the following steps:<br>
  <li>Open a command prompt, and change to the <span
 style="font-style: italic;">\Program Files\SpamBayes\proxy</span>
  <li>Execute <span style="font-style: italic;">pop3proxy_service.exe
  <li>Select <span style="font-style: italic;">Control
Panel-&gt;Administrative Tools-&gt;Services</span>, and locate <span
 style="font-style: italic;">SpamBayes Service</span> in the list.</li>
  <li>Change the properties of the service so it logs on with your user
account, rather than the builtin system account.&nbsp; This will ensure
that SpamBayes uses the same configuration and data files when running
as a service and when running as a normal program.</li>
  <li>If desired, change the properties of the service to start at boot
  <li>Start the service</li>
  <li>Start the<span style="font-style: italic;"> SpamBayes Tray Icon</span>
program, and confirm the server is running.&nbsp; Configure and manage
spambayes normally.</li>

--- NEW FILE: spambayes.iss ---
; Inno Setup 4.x setup file for the Spambayes Binaries

AppVerName=Spambayes 1.0a6
; Note the check for Outlook running has already been done, so no point
; having this file tell them to shutdown outlook!
; Edit file using Windows 'wordpad'
Source: "py2exe\dist\lib\*.*"; DestDir: "{app}\lib"; Flags: ignoreversion

Source: "py2exe\dist\outlook\spambayes_addin.dll"; DestDir: "{app}\outlook"; Check: InstallingOutlook; Flags: ignoreversion regserver
Source: "py2exe\dist\outlook\docs\welcome.html"; DestDir: "{app}\outlook\docs"; Check: InstallingOutlook; Flags: isreadme
Source: "py2exe\dist\outlook\*.*"; DestDir: "{app}\outlook"; Check: InstallingOutlook; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs

Source: "py2exe\dist\proxy\*.*"; DestDir: "{app}\proxy"; Check: InstallingProxy; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs
Source: "py2exe\dist\proxy\readme_proxy.html"; DestDir: "{app}\proxy"; Check: InstallingProxy; Flags: isreadme

Name: startup; Description: "Execute SpamBayes each time Windows starts";
Name: desktop; Description: "Add an icon to the desktop"; Flags: unchecked;

FileName:"{app}\proxy\pop3proxy_tray.exe"; Description: "Start the server now"; Flags: postinstall skipifdoesntexist nowait

Name: "{group}\SpamBayes Tray Icon"; Filename: "{app}\proxy\pop3proxy_tray.exe"; Check: InstallingProxy
Name: "{userdesktop}\SpamBayes Tray Icon"; Filename: "{app}\proxy\pop3proxy_tray.exe"; Check: InstallingProxy; Tasks: desktop
Name: "{userstartup}\SpamBayes Tray Icon"; Filename: "{app}\proxy\pop3proxy_tray.exe"; Check: InstallingProxy; Tasks: startup
Name: "{group}\About SpamBayes"; Filename: "{app}\proxy\readme_proxy.html"; Check: InstallingProxy;

Name: "{group}\SpamBayes Outlook Addin\About SpamBayes"; Filename: "{app}\outlook\about.html"; Check: InstallingOutlook
Name: "{group}\SpamBayes Outlook Addin\Troubleshooting Guide"; Filename: "{app}\outlook\docs\troubleshooting.html"; Check: InstallingOutlook


  InstallOutlook, InstallProxy: Boolean;
  WarnedNoOutlook, WarnedBoth : Boolean;

function InstallingOutlook() : Boolean;
  Result := InstallOutlook;
function InstallingProxy() : Boolean;
  Result := InstallProxy;

function IsOutlookInstalled() : Boolean;
    Result := RegKeyExists( HKCU, 'Software\Microsoft\Office\Outlook');

function InitializeSetup(): Boolean;
    Result := true;
    while Result do begin
        if not CheckForMutexes('_outlook_mutex_') then
          Result := MsgBox(
              'You must close Outlook before SpamBayes can be installed.' + #13 + #13 +
              'Please close all Outlook Windows (using "File->Exit and Log off"' + #13 +
              'if available) and click Retry, or click Cancel to exit the installation.'+ #13 + #13 +
              'If this message persists after closing all Outlook windows, you may' + #13 +
              'need to log off from Windows, and try again.',
              mbConfirmation, MB_RETRYCANCEL) = idRetry;
    // default our install type.
    if IsOutlookInstalled() then begin
      InstallOutlook := True;
      InstallProxy := False
    else begin
      InstallOutlook := False;
      InstallProxy := True;

// Inno has a pretty primitive "Components/Tasks" concept that
// doesn't quite fit what we want - so we create a custom wizard page.
function PromptApplications( BackClicked: Boolean): Boolean;
  Next: Boolean;
  Prompts, Values: array of String;

    // First open the custom wizard page

    // Set some captions
    ScriptDlgPageSetCaption('Select applications to install');
    ScriptDlgPageSetSubCaption1('A number of applications are included with this package.');
    ScriptDlgPageSetSubCaption2('Select the components you wish to install.');

    SetArrayLength(Prompts, 2);
    SetArrayLength(Values, 2);
    if InstallOutlook then
      Prompts[0] := 'Microsoft Outlook Addin (Outlook appears to be installed)'
      Prompts[0] := 'Microsoft Outlook Addin (Outlook does not appear to be installed)';
    Prompts[1] := 'Server/Proxy application, for all other POP based mail clients, including Outlook Express';

    while True do begin
      if InstallOutlook then Values[0] := '1' else Values[0] := '0';
      if InstallProxy then Values[1] := '1' else Values[1] := '0';
      Next:= InputOptionArray(Prompts, Values, False, False);
      if not Next then Break;
      InstallOutlook := (Values[0] = '1');
      InstallProxy := (Values[1] = '1');

      if InstallOutlook and not IsOutlookInstalled and not WarnedNoOutlook then begin
        if MsgBox(
              'Outlook appears to not be installed.' + #13 + #13 +
              'This addin only works with Microsoft Outlook 2000 and later - it' + #13 +
              'does not work with Outlook express.' + #13 + #13 +
              'If you know that Outlook is installed, you may with to continue.' + #13 + #13 +
              'Would you like to change your selection?',
              mbConfirmation, MB_YESNO) = idNo then begin
            WarnedNoOutlook := True;
            Break; // break check loop

      if InstallOutlook and InstallProxy and not WarnedBoth then begin
        if MsgBox(
              'You have selected to install both the Outlook Addin and the Server/Proxy Applications.' + #13 + #13 +
              'Unless you regularly use both Outlook and another mailer on the same system' + #13 +
              'you do not need both applications.' + #13 + #13 +
              'Would you like to change your selection?',
              mbConfirmation, MB_YESNO) = idNo then begin
            WarnedBoth := True;
            Break; // break check loop

      if not InstallOutlook and not InstallProxy then begin
        MsgBox('You must select one of the applications', mbError, MB_OK);
      // we got to here, we are OK.
    // See NextButtonClick and BackButtonClick: return True if the click should be allowed
    if not BackClicked then
      Result := Next
      Result := not Next;
    // Close the wizard page. Do a FullRestore only if the click (see above) is not allowed
    ScriptDlgPageClose(not Result);

function ScriptDlgPages(CurPage: Integer; BackClicked: Boolean): Boolean;
  if (not BackClicked and (CurPage = wpWelcome)) or (BackClicked and (CurPage = wpSelectDir)) then begin
    // Insert a custom wizard page between two non custom pages
	Result := PromptApplications( BackClicked );
    Result := True;

function NextButtonClick(CurPage: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := ScriptDlgPages(CurPage, False);

function BackButtonClick(CurPage: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := ScriptDlgPages(CurPage, True);

function SkipCurPage(CurPage: Integer): Boolean;
  Result := (CurPage = wpSelectTasks) and (not InstallProxy);

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