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Tony Meyer anadelonbrin at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Feb 5 03:13:28 EST 2004

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** Incompatible change **

Let's call this 1.0a9, because 7+1 is a bad number, and that makes us match the Outlook plug-in.

In imapfilter, hint at a good imaplib debug level, and don't put the todo list in the docstring.

If the allowed values for an option is a tuple of values, then the type is correct if the value is one
of those types.  Also remove duplicate code from OptionsClass.py

Get all the scripts to determine the database name and type via a utility function in storage.py,
so that everything is consistent across scripts (and it removes some code duplication, although the
options list is looped through twice).

The consistent style is to use "-p FILE" for pickle FILE, and "-d FILE" for dbm FILE.  The two
scripts that already used -p now use -P instead (imapfilter, notesfilter).

Dumped the "mysql::"/"pgsql::" format for electing to use mySQL/pgSQL (I doubt anyone is
using this, anyway).  Replaced it with a proper selection, by making the persistent_use_database
option multi-choice, instead of boolean (it's backwards compatible, so that True/"True" and False/"False"
are "dbm" and "pickle", respectively).  This also provides room for a "zodb" option, at some point

I've tested all the scripts except for notesfilter, which doesn't want to run here, and hammie/hammiebulk.  (By tested, I mean that I've run them far enough to see that they're opening the correct db with -p/-d/none and raising an error with both -p and -d).  That said, testing by day-to-day users of the scripts would be great.

Fixes [ 824628 ] sb_dbexpimp.py, sb_filter.py option incompatibility
Closes [857595] Same argument on the command line
Closes [857597] On command line use -D for pickle
Closes [861656] Missing file for patch

Index: WHAT_IS_NEW.txt
RCS file: /cvsroot/spambayes/spambayes/WHAT_IS_NEW.txt,v
retrieving revision 1.25
retrieving revision 1.26
diff -C2 -d -r1.25 -r1.26
*** WHAT_IS_NEW.txt	12 Jan 2004 23:39:42 -0000	1.25
--- WHAT_IS_NEW.txt	5 Feb 2004 08:13:25 -0000	1.26
*** 10,16 ****
  noted in the "Transition" section.
! New in Alpha Release 8
  ** Incompatible changes **
--- 10,26 ----
  noted in the "Transition" section.
! New in Alpha Release 9
+ ------------------------------------
+ ** What happened to Alpha Release 8?
+ ------------------------------------
+ There was no Alpha Release 8!  Apart from 8 being a very dangerous number
+ <wink>, we wanted to match the version numbers of the binary releases, as
+ this time that includes more than just the Outlook plug-in, and we are
+ going to attempt to release source and binary roughly simultaneously.  This
+ should hopefully make things clearer when discussing the various versions.
  ** Incompatible changes **
*** 30,33 ****
--- 40,60 ----
     configuration so that it points to the correct place.
+  o Specifying the database name and type is now consistent across all
+    scripts.  Use "-p FILE" for a pickle, and "-d FILE" for a dbm.  We
+    still recommend setting these in a configuration file, rather than
+    via the command line, so that if they change you remain unaffected.
+  o The -p option for sb_imapfilter.py (to specify the password manually)
+    is now -P (-p is universally used to signal that a pickle is to be used).
+  o The -p option for sb_notesfilter.py (to prompt before ending) is now
+    -P (-p is universally used to signal that a pickle is to be used).
+  o The experimental (and probably unused) format for specifying that
+    MySQL or PostgrepSQL should be used for the database ("mysql::" and
+    "pgsql::") has been removed.  These are now set like any other database
+    type, using the persistent_use_database option (these cannot be set via
+    the command line).
  There should be no other incompatible changes (from 1.0a7) in this release.

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