[spambayes-dev] CVS branch for new Outlook dialog work.

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Aug 4 12:36:16 EDT 2003

I'm working on "fixing" the dialogs for Outlook.  At this stage, "fixing"
means making it possible for anyone else in the world to modify the dialogs.
Initially, the dialogs themselves will not change (much!), but the framework
will be such that making changes or adding new options should be quite
trivial (edit the dialogs with MSVC or your dialog editor of choice, then
add one line of Python code linking the control ID with the option name)

The history to date:

* I created the original dialogs using MSVC, and translated them "by hand"
to the .py source files (but did keep the .rc locally!)
* Sean True needed to redo the dialogs for SpamAtBay, and wrote a .rc parser
(which is something I would have loved years ago!).  Sean sent me this code.
* In the mean time, Adam Walker asked for CVS checkin privs, mentioning he
wanted to work on the UI.  I jumped on this and forwarded Sean's code to him
(by which time I still hadn't looked at it :( )
* Adam decided to write his own leaning on Python's "shlex" module (you
learn something new every day ;).
* In the meantime, I decided to play with a "data driven" dialog approach -
you just link a "control ID" with a SpamBayes "option name", and good magic
happens (eg tooltips and validation that leans on the OptionsClass module)

I am playing with all this stuff on a new branch I created.  The branch name
is 'outlook-dialog-branch' (with a tag 'outlook-dialog-fork' marking where
the branch started), and is created only on the "Outlook2000" directory of
the tree.  At this stage it is for playing only, but soon the branch will
replace the existing dialogs with the new ones.  I will let you know when
that happens.

If you want to play:
* change to the Outlook2000 directory.
* cvs -z5 update -r 'outlook-dialog-branch'
* Look at, and run dialogs\test_dialog.py

At this stage, SpamBayes still works fine on that branch (only the test code
uses the new stuff).  But to move back to the trunk:
* cvs -z5 update -A


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