[spambayes-dev] SpamBayes - on a Linux mail server?

G. Armour Van Horn vanhorn at whidbey.com
Mon Aug 11 14:34:57 EDT 2003

Philosophically, the answer is not to do this, as no two people are
likely to have exactly the same reaction to different messages. Now, how
much of a difference is this? Probably quite a bit. I have two instances
of pop3proxy running, one handles four or five accounts on my local
workstation, the other one handles four accounts on another workstation.
Mine works like a charm.

The second one, which handles two low-volume accounts of mine and my
wife's mail, has definite problems because I didn't know every list she
subscribed to. I know that anything that involves quilts or beads is
going to be ham for her, but she has some general interests as well. So
there were some messages that looked like spam to SpamBayes, and I
corroborated that judgment in the training, so even when I go back and
take those same messages and train as ham, it's going to be a while
before similar messages stop ending up in her unsure folder.

Now, if you can figure out a way to make sure that each user only trains
on their own mail, then it probably would work. But the default is for
SB to train by reinforcing its existing decisions, which introduces some
real problems in the multi-user scenario.

I am, however, considering offering the proxy or IMAP on my mail server,
which would allow the users to drop their volume of mail that they
actually pick up. They will be able to do their own training, but they
won't have to do their own local installs.

But sharing a training database looks like a loser to me.


Igor \"JI\" Murashkin wrote:

>  Hello, I have a Linux box, on which I have a mail server installed.
> In short, I fetch my mail from the server that's on Linux, but I have
> enough users -- 20-30 who use my mail server daily.
> My question is, would it be possible to install SpamBayes so that it
> filters everything out server side, so that the spam never even
> reaches the users, being instantly discarded? That would be lovely, as
> I wouldn't want all my users to worry about installing their own spam
> filters. Thanks!-Igor
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