[spambayes-dev] Dialog Hacking

Adam Walker adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
Thu Aug 14 21:34:14 EDT 2003

Here's take two ;)

It's mainly the gui for the timer delays I'm worried about (and that's
giving me fits. Damn sliders.).

The logo is in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 format. Should I check that file in as
well as the bmp?

[Mark Hammond]
> -----Original Message-----
> That is great!  From my eye, I would suggest:
> * Drop some of the vspace at the top of the logo before the word.
> * Drop the "Outlook Addin" part - then we have a generic logo every app
> can
> use.
> If you are comfortable with the code changes that will come with it, just
> check it in rather than going via a patch (but obviously mail if you need
> guidance)
> Cool :)
> Mark.

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