[spambayes-dev] Dialog Hacking

Adam Walker adam.walker at rbwconsulting.com
Thu Aug 14 22:43:45 EDT 2003

> There's still too much (IMO) space between the logo and the rest of the
> dialog (the black bit).  This could just be a couple of pixels (again,
> IMO).


> (I would like a full-stop at the end of the explanation of training too,
> but that isn't a dialog design issue).

Full-stop. Period. Dot. Whatever, it's there now ;)

> > It's mainly the gui for the timer delays I'm worried about
> > (and that's giving me fits. Damn sliders.).
> Is this what you are putting in the (returned!) advanced section?  Or
> are you putting it in the filter dialog somewhere?

Yep. The timers and verbose logging options are going under "Advanced".

> I think that the new dialogs should expose the four 'read status'
> options as well.  I haven't seen anything much in the way of problems
> reported about them, and they are often requested.

I put two of them in the filter dialog. I missed the other two (in the
general section) until you said that.

> > The logo is in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 8 format. Should I check
> > that file in as well as the bmp?
> Yes.  There's nothing worse than working with a bitmap image that was
> originally a vector image.  You could check in some other form of vector
> image that isn't PSP only if you'd rather (something that the Gimp or
> Photoshop could open), but it doesn't really matter.

I've switched to photoshop (psd) format as all three programs can read psd
files. Or at least photoshop version 3 files. BTW, I think you mean layered
not vector. Last time I tried, neither photoshop nor the gimp support vector
graphics, but paintshop does to some extent.


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