[spambayes-dev] Outlook Manager dialog

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Mon Aug 18 13:26:56 EDT 2003

> * "Spam" and "Possible Spam" should maybe back on a 
> single "Filter" page


> This leaves us with:
> General, Training, Filter, Filter Now, Advanced

To me it seems odd that the general page has a 'training' section, and
then there is a separate 'training' tab.  There seem to be three
sections - training, filtering and advanced.  Squishing everything into
three pages probably means pages that are too big, but maybe not.

The layout I think makes most sense:

Page 1: Training.  Includes the current training box from 'general', and
all of the content of the training tab.  Results in a larger page, but
only slightly (also see page 3).

Page 2: Filtering.  Includes the current filtering box from 'general',
and all of the content of the spam and unsure tabs.  Results in a larger
page, but not too much, and makes more sense (also see page 3).  The
"mark spam as read" option seems to take up too much room, but I don't
have any idea how to improve it... :)

Page 3: Status (this could maybe be page 1).  The version string could
be moved here, plus the database ham/spam count, plus the watch folder
information.  This is the page that I would want to see most often once
everything is running.  This would save space on other pages, and also
allow the watch folder information space to be a bit bigger (it runs out
of room very quickly).  This is a big shuffle, though.

Page 4: Advanced.  As it is, although I wonder if "save spam score"
belongs in advanced.  The wording of the delete-as-spam-marks-as-read
option isn't clear either.  If you select "None", it says "When a
message is deleted as spam, change its read state to None", which isn't
what happens.

Where is "Filter now", you ask?  In a separate dialog, accessed via
either a button on the filtering tab, or as a separate toolbar menuitem.
The rest is status/settings, this is an action [1]; it makes sense to
differentiate it.

> I'd really like to hear other people's opinions on this too.

Personally I don't really like tabs, and thought the old one was better
(it made more logical sense).  I realise that this is probably a
minority opinion, and that the users are familiar with a tabbed
interface, though.

=Tony Meyer

[1] Ok, training is an action, but it's a 'settings' kind of action ;)

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