[spambayes-dev] Windows installer for non Outlook users

Romain GUY romain.guy at jext.org
Mon Aug 18 05:18:04 EDT 2003

	Hello everyone,

	I've just taken a few minutes to explain a friend of mine how to make spambayes run on his Windows XP/Outlook Express platform. And one thing is certain : if installing the spambayes Windows service is not hard at all when you have clear, precise and convenient instructions, it becomes quite difficult when it comes to "normal users" (that is to say Tim's sister ;-) with no programmer friend around.

	As I am a (almost) full time Windows users and as I'm used to use Inno Setup I am willing to set up a very simple Windows installer. This installer would include a Python interpreter (with the only required libraries to make spambayes run), the win32all extension and some picture based documentation to teach users how to set up their mail client. This installer would also install the spambayes service so that they won't bother running it manually at every startup. Maybe we could even add start menu/desktop icons which would launch the web interface (we can also consider adding a bookmark in IE and/or Netscape). Maybe the installer could also try to set up Outlook Express directly (finding user's accounts in registry, setting them in spambayes). The Notate To: option could be also activated by default.

	So, if you do agree, I'm ready to take care of this.

Romain GUY
romain.guy at jext.org

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