[spambayes-dev] 1.0a5 release [was: SpamBayes Readme]

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Aug 29 12:17:41 EDT 2003

   Tony> What about we combine this with Richie's suggestion:
   Tony> We release 1.0a5 any time now.
   Tony> * We rename the scripts and move them into the scripts
directory and 
   Tony> cut the backwards compatibility code from the options and
   Tony> release 1.0a6.
   Tony>  * We go into feature freeze for a while and then release

   Skip> Fine with me.  I won't really be able to contribute anything 
   Skip> for the next week or two I don't think.

 Richie> That sounds like an excellent plan.

Ok, looks like this is what we're going to do.  Richie - the only thing
that I have left before 1.0a5 is that last smtpproxy bug (well, it's the
only one I'm bothered with).  I'll also update the changelog, version.py
and what's new file today.  Do you want to package up 1.0a5 about this
time tomorrow?  We could aim to get 1.0a6 out four days later (it would
be good to have a *little* testing ;), say the 04/09.  (If you're too
busy celebrating your getting-older-ness, I could do 1.0a6).

=Tony Meyer

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