[spambayes-dev] pop3proxy binaries

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Fri Aug 29 15:10:30 EDT 2003

> I pretty much have py2exe and SpamBayes working together.  
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ :)

> I expect to check in my scripts etc soon.

Will these work for anyone else?  (i.e. do you have a magic version of
py2exe that you and Thomas are working on?)

> * We should think about where the databases are stored (the 
> "program files" directory where we install is probably not
> appropriate - but a "per user" database directory makes no
> sense for an .exe

Wouldn't the same setup as the Outlook plug-in make sense?  Once a
location is decided I'm happy to write a script that sets the
appropriate options to the correct values.

> * Consider a "start_pop3proxy" program

It shouldn't be that hard to put this together, so I can do this.

> I am willing to help out significantly, but I am unable to
> "drive" anything, as I don't own it, and don't want to.
> Does this interest anyone enough to take it on with me?

I get the terrible feeling that this will end up on the quotes page
under you taking on the Outlook plugin <wink>, but since Richie's too
busy, my hand is up.  I don't know pop3proxy as well as Richie, but as
long as he keeps going on being the expert <wink>, then I'm happy to
take the distribution part on.  Although I don't use pop3proxy a huge
amount myself, it is the one that I've installed on family machines
(including one at home)...

Tell me what I need to do :)

=Tony Meyer

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