[spambayes-dev] Re: sb_notesfilter.py changes

Hugo.Duncan at alcan.com Hugo.Duncan at alcan.com
Mon Dec 1 12:23:43 EST 2003


Thanks for getting any sort of notes support!

> it became less and less able to accurately classify

I'll keep an eye on this.  Thanks for the warning.

>One is that notes does not give you headers in the rfc822 sense.

Although you can access them in the document fields.  I just wrote
an agent to extract these so that I could send stuff to SpamCop.

> I'd love to have a notes integration, similar to the outlook integration,
> that doesn't rely on an external program using the com
> interface... but that is beyond my abilities with notes.

Presumably the outlook integration uses some sort of dll? does
it still require a python interpreter ?

> if you can give me the source for the agent

This is the "After new mail arrives" agent, in LotusScript.  Not very
but it works for me.

Sub Initialize
c:/usr/Python23/scripts/sb_notesfilter.py -t -c   -r your_server_name -l
your_db_name -f Spambayes -d notesbayes -i index_name -P your_password_here
-R c:/tmp/bayes.log -L SpamBayesLog",1)
  If (Err<>0) Then
    Messagebox  Error$
  End If
End Sub

The others are "SimpleAction"'s to move the mail to the appropriate

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