[spambayes-dev] More CVS branch/tags questions

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 1 18:53:20 EST 2003

> I've been using the updated version for quite awhile now, 
> both from source and with the new py2exe Windows binary.  We 
> wrang out a couple of minor bugs early on, but I haven't had 
> any problems with it in several weeks.

Good to know.

> Haven't tried the bug report feature, so can't give you a 
> read on the stability there.

It's fairly straightforward, and worked for me, so hopefully goes ok.  At
the very least it should manage to give people and understanding of what
information we need.

> It's the version in the sandbox subdirectory in py2exe CVS.  
> There currently isn't a binary install that I know of, but 
> I'm sure someone could throw one together if needed.  I've 
> been meaning to do it myself so I can put it on my computer 
> at home, but just haven't gotten around to it.

If you could make me a copy, that would be fantastic.  At the moment I'm
stuck either testing whatever Mark throws my way or running from source
only.  I suppose I could just install VC++ (we have some sort of site
license here, I gather), but I really can't be bothered <wink>.

> On an at best partially related aside, if/when we redo the 
> release branching could we possibly do something with the 
> version numbering in Version.py?  It seems a bit confusing to 
> have a completely different version number for every app, 
> especially when they appear to be totally unrelated to the 
> "1.0a7" type release numbering.

> I wasn't around when that was introduced, but
> I have to say it's never made much sense to me.

The thing is that the various apps do change at different rates -
mboxtrain/filter, for example, tend to change much more slowly (I imagine
because, being simpler in concept, they're more stable to begin with), and
the core of the system hasn't changed for a long time (since 1.0a1?).  As
more apps start getting released separately, I think this will become more

I agree that it could be improved, though.  One thing I think would help
(I've made this change locally (ages ago), but haven't checked it in) is
removing the 'interface version' from pop3proxy/imapfilter and having a
separate 'interface version' (my fault it was there).  This, for example,
lets you see that the interface in this release has had significant changes,
but pop3proxy itself has not changed at all.  Another thing is that it's
somewhat out of date in terms of names, which is easily fixed.

Mark could probably explain the reasoning better than me, though, since he
came up with it <wink>.

=Tony Meyer

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