[spambayes-dev] Branch merge

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Wed Dec 3 21:15:09 EST 2003

> I had a bash at merging the branch back onto the trunk.  
> I have attached 2 patches.  sb_docs.patch is patches to the 
> various doc files - README, README-DEVEL, etc etc etc.

It makes no difference if the WHAT_IS_NEW file doesn't get updated, or what
the contents end up looking like - this gets rewritten with each release so
will need to be redone for 1.0a8 or whatever it is that the scheme has us
releasing next.  (Even a binary-only 1.0a75 would need to have it modified
from the 1.0a7 version *).  The rest looks fine to me.

* Actually, we'll have to figure out what happens here anyway, since it's
probably not even included with the binary, although it does form the basis
of the sourceforge 'release notes'.

> sb_code.patch contains the changes to code files required to 
> merge the trunk and the branch.  ImapUI.py has a number of 
> reasonable looking changes which check if currently logged 
> on, and that the server name is valid.

Yeah, these should be on the trunk, too.  Not sure how I missed that,
although I was a bit preoccupied at the time <wink>.  Actually, the code
needs to be improved a bit, since I think at the moment it'll give a half
completed page if not logged in; I'll fix that once it's on the trunk since
that seems easiest (and it's hardly urgent).

(This does mean that I lose my bet, though.  I'd also forgotten about the
version number bump and the README-DEVEL tidying).

> I also attempted to upgrade the test suite in the hope of 
> catching any errors.  I have already checked these in.

When you're updating README-DEVEL, you could put something in saying that we
expect that all new code will come with an appropriate unittest.  You never
know, we might fool newcomers into thinking that that's the actual
situation, and get some movement along those lines <wink>.

> Any comments, or +1s on me checking this in?

+1 here.

=Tony Meyer

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