[spambayes-dev] Outlook CVS 'UserProperty' changes

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Dec 10 00:50:07 EST 2003

I've just changed the way we manage UserProperties in the Outlook addin.
The way we check if an Outlook folder has a "UserProperty" has changed, and
the way we create this "UserProperty" has also changed.  It does *not*
change the way the "Spam" field is saved in the message (that uses MAPI
properties), but the way Outlook shows these values (a subtle but real

Most people should see absolutely no change - all your folders will already
have this 'Spam' field, and this should be detected correctly.  Until now,
the 'Unsure' folder never has this property automatically created by
SpamBayes, so unless you created this field manually (via the 'Field
Chooser') the field should now be created for you - but I assume almost
everyone here has already done that.

So if a few of you would like to kill a few minutes <wink>, I would
appreciate a little test - especially by Outlook XP users.
* For at least one of your Watched, Spam and Unsure folders:
*  If the 'Spam' field is being shown for this folder, right-click the
column header, and select 'Remove this column'
*  Right-click any column header, and select 'Field Chooser'
*  Select 'User defined fields' - The 'Spam' field should appear.  Select
*  Click the 'Delete' button, confirm the deletion, and close the field

Re-start outlook.  The log (at any level) should show:
Folder 'Personal Folders/Inbox' has no field named 'Spam' - creating
SpamBayes: Watching for new messages in folder Personal Folders/Inbox

Note the first entry - each folder that you deleted the field from should
show a similar message.  Then restart Outlook again, this time checking you
do *not* see that message.

Finally, go back to your folders and bring up the 'Field Chooser'.  When you
select 'User Defined Fields', you should find the 'Spam' field magically
re-created.  Drag it back to your view, and you are back where you started.

If you are using anon-cvs, please wait until manager rev 1.91 and msgstore
rev 1.78 appear .



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