[spambayes-dev] sb_server UI error

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Dec 15 19:29:30 EST 2003

> I don't have a setup to test ImapUI.py, but that works for ProxyUI.py.

You can test ImapUI.py without actually having an IMAP connection.  Just run
"sb_imapfilter.py -b" and go to the config page.  It'll work, anyway.  I've
checked these in.

> (Deprecated options should probably not be offered in even the 
> advanced options page, right?)

+1 here.

> I suppose you could make a case for leaving the options on the
> config page for a release or two so users can see that they have
> been deprecated.  
> Don't know if anyone is more likely to see it there than in 
> the logs, though.

I think leaving it there is just asking for someone to set it, and that any
"x-" (experimental *or* deprecated) option shouldn't be exposed via the
regular config pages.  (OTOH, I have the basis of a web interface for
timcv.py which exposes *only* those options).

I think we need some other way of presenting the warnings.  Even just in the
status panel of the home web interface page would be better than only in the
logs.  If someone wanted to put in the effort, the tray app could also put
up a little window that pointed out that important messages were on that

=Tony Meyer

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