[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes] Accidentally deleted Junk emailfolder.

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Dec 17 06:44:31 EST 2003

> I wonder whether the Outlook addin should stop trying to
> remember Outlook's
> internal folder IDs, remember the user-visible string paths
> instead, and
> enumerate the folders to (re)discover the internal Outlook
> IDs "whenever
> anything may have changed".

I'm not sure what you had in mind for "anything may have changed", but in
general, I agree.  I always had the idea that we would also store the FQN,
and fall back to that when necessary, making the folder ID more a "cached"
value.  It just never happened.  It does get complex though - what happens
when the user renames the folder?  Before you know it, we have even more
cruft that noone really understand why is there <wink>

Another alternative would be to change things so that most errors
re-displayed the config wizard.  Of course, 0.81 has a bug in the config
wizard that relates directly to deleted folders <frown>, but otherwise, it
seems a reasonable approach.  If the config wizard also detected "we are
probably trained OK", and allowed you to continue without retraining (really
just a checkbox and 20 LOC), that whole process should take under a minute.

Either way, I'm going for a new combined binary before this even gets a look
in <wink>


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