[spambayes-dev] RE: [Spambayes] Accidentally deleted Junkemailfolder.

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Dec 18 18:04:21 EST 2003

[Tony Meyer]
> This surprised me - I've usually found people don't understand why
> Explorer et al can't keep track of things when they are renamed.  I
> think maybe the difference is that most of these people started out
> using Macs rather than Windows, and Macs have always managed this
> better (compare aliases to shortcuts, for example).

I said Windows programs "beat it into her" because it wasn't natural at
first.  But I'm not sure if anything explainable could have captured initial
expectations -- I think people quickly forget how overwhelmingly complicated
most GUIs are at first glance.  Hell, there still things I did in Visual
Studio 5 years ago that I've never been able to find again <0.5 wink>.

> ...
> +1 to switching to names in a release at some point in the future.

I'm not voting yet -- still something to mull over.  I guess that's +0,

> How often do Outlook 'experts' change the names of their spam/unsure
> folders anyway?

Not often.  I did several times at the start, while working out training
strategies I could live with.

There's an inconsistency here:  if you move an Outlook folder by dragging it
to a *different* .pst file in your Folder List display, *then* Outlook rules
(and SpamBayes) lose track of it entirely.  Any rules that reference it turn
themselves off.  So sometimes Outlook makes you reselect the folder after a
change, and sometimes it doesn't.  I can guarandamntee that my sisters will
never grow a mental model of "OK, folders in Outlook work by object
identity, not name, but object identity is relative to the containing .pst
file" <snort>.

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