[spambayes-dev] SpamBayes and Outlook on Metaframe

Guido.DellaBruna at meteoswiss.ch Guido.DellaBruna at meteoswiss.ch
Sat Dec 20 10:38:19 EST 2003


sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right place for such questions, but
here i goes:

I would like to install SpamBayes Outlook-Plugin on Citrix-Metaframe.
The problem seems to be the directory where to install the DB: in "My
Computer" I only have access to some network drives (no local "C:", for
example) and to a "local" folder named "My Documents". Is it possible to
instruct SpamBayes to use that folder for the Spam database (and any
other file needed by SpamBayes)? Or do I need to modify the Python code
and recompile it? I didn't find a way to change this in the GUI.

Many thanks,

Guido Della Bruna
Processo Meteo Locarno
Via ai Monti 146
CH-6605 Locarno 5 Monti

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