[spambayes-dev] FW: SF.NET Project Donation System

Matthew Dixon Cowles matt at mondoinfo.com
Sat Dec 20 22:39:34 EST 2003

> As others have raised, trying to distribute this money would be
> somewhat tricky. I'd suggest that we instead kick any money we
> receive via SourceForge back to SourceForge. They run a service we
> all depend on, and I'd like to see them being able to continue to
> do so.

In the absence of a more direct way to support SpamBayes or
individual developers, I'd suggest routing donations to the Python
Software Foundation. It's a properly-organized charity so it's
equipped to receive them. And I don't think there's any reason that
it can't spend money to support SpamBayes when there's an opportunity
to. I also understand that that's apt to help the PSF and,
indirectly, Python since the PSF has to show the government that it
gets donations from lots of different people.

Full disclosure: I'm a member of the PSF but don't sit on its board.


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