[spambayes-dev] New sort+group.py

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Sat Dec 27 14:29:33 EST 2003

In message:  <LNBBLJKPBEHFEDALKOLCOEJDIAAB.tim.one at comcast.net>
             "Tim Peters" <tim.one at comcast.net> writes:
>Attached is a major rewrite of testtools/sort+group.py.

Yay!  I'll be happy to admit I just sort of threw that together.

>Anyone who uses that, please give it a try.

Trying... but it seems to have major problems with python2.2.
It barfs on enumerate(), and it doesn't seem to be picking up
continuation lines, either, so I suspect the file reading style
you're using isn't grokked correctly, either.

>The major thrust of the changes is to order msgs by full-precision UTC
>timestamp.  It was sorting just by date (not time), and wasn't accounting
>for that different ISPs may be in different time zones.

Oops.  Doh.  Thanks for catching that.  All my mail gets received
and timestamped by my local machine, so the timezones weren't an
issue... but ignoring time of day entirely is rather embarassing.

- Alex, who is now trying to get it to work with python2.2...

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