[spambayes-dev] Experimental SpamBayes build available

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Dec 30 23:45:26 EST 2003

> I briefly tried it, and all seemed ok to me (Outlook XP and
> the others on
> WinXP).  I've also been trying various experimental builds of
> my own (both
> on the XP box and on Win98 at home).  I can't see how they would be
> different to your build since it's using the same process.
> (Latest CVS each
> time).

I've a few win32all changes yet to release in binary - but from memory most
are pretty trivial.  I'll do a win32all at the same time (next year :)

> Sorry I didn't report back earlier - didn't your message say
> that you were
> away for a couple of weeks and wouldn't be looking at
> anything until then?

It probably did, but I meant a few days :)  I always had to get back in time
for this huge bender of a party we have planned!  About to take off now.

> I got a 'not urgent' impression from it :)

It certainly wasn't urgent, and I'm glad it worked so well.  I was too
pesimistic to believe "no news is good news", but it seems to have been the

> is it sufficient for
> a 8.5 release,
> do you think?

I think an 0.85 would be perfect, in both source and binary.  We then go to
0.9, and we could still end up with 1.0 by March!

Happy new year!


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