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Submitted By: Why do you need this (beyond-thoughts)
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Summary: TMDA capabilities

Initial Comment:
I just switched from TMDA (http://tmda.net/) to Spambayes.
Watching emails that were neither in black- or
whitelist was to annoying. Of course those people get a
reply (please see at TMDA-Homepage to see how it works)
but about 50% don't understand the reply-mail. (I don't
know why -- the text is very clear!).
Spambayes doesn't queue emails that can't be classified
-- you receive them as "unsure".

I think combining both techniques would cut down wrong
positive and wrong negative and the "unsure" numbers.
Additionaly it might be useful for training having a
definite black- and whitelist.

So what are good points (files, classes, methods) to
add such a feature?
Is it dependent whether pop3proxy, hammie, ... is used?

Thank You,
   Christoph Becker-Freyseng


>Comment By: Why do you need this (beyond-thoughts)
Date: 2003-07-01 14:29

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I know that TMDA and Spambayes have different approaches,
but this is what makes it useful combining them.
With Spambayes till now I had no false classified emails
(just few "unsure") so I'm quite satisfied with it. However
I still have to check the emails in "Spam-Folder" because I
don't want to risk loosing some false-classified important
When Spambayes had some TMDA capabilities it could just sent
a confirmation-email to the asumed spammer. If he doesn't
reply then it's really his fault. So I won't have to check
emails in the "Spam-Folder" at all.
On the other side people I send emails to could be
automatically added to a white-list so they surely won't
have trouble with Spamfilters.
I have thought of some more configurable rules that could be
added making Spambayes an interactive-AI-Spamfilter.

I'd like to make a demo-implementation but I need some
starting points. Especially I don't know how the Outlook
stuff works. But maybe I should just try implementing such a
thing for the pop3- and smtp-proxy.

   Christoph Becker-Freyseng


Comment By: Anthony Baxter (anthonybaxter)
Date: 2003-07-01 01:38

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I can't imagine that this feature would ever be added to
spambayes. It's a completely different approach to
spam-filtering, with almost nothing in common with the
existing approach. Spambayes will gradually improve as you
train it further - the initial flurry of unsures is probably
just insufficient training. Note also that you can adjust
the cutoffs to end up with more or less unsures.


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