[spambayes-dev] ANNOUNCE: New SpamBayes binary for Outlook available

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Jul 2 09:57:02 EDT 2003

> > [This mail isn't going to spambayes-announce as yet - I would
> > prefer to hear some success reports first]
> Chicken ;)  Do you plan to also release it via the sf system?

When I work out exactly what that means :)

I'd love to make the "Outlook binary" into a true "windows binary",
including a version of pop3proxy.exe too :)

> Uninstall worked fine, with two notes:
>   (1) the toolbar wasn't deleted - is it meant to be?  I have vague
> memories of discussing this with you a while back.

I don't attempt to remove them, no.  I should list this in the FAQ.

>   (2) This is only an issue for those who go from the binary to the
> source - I now have an Outlook.ini from the binary, where all my
> settings were migrated to (even the ones that were in
> unknown_profile.ini).  When I uninstalled the binary, and 
> re-registered
> the cvs plugin, my config settings were lost (well, unable to 
> be found).
> I had to manually copy them back over.

Doh - I didn't think of that :(  I must release a new win32all to solve

> I did notice one bug, though.  To test, I deleted a message 
> as spam and
> then tried to recover it, but it wouldn't.  However, I 
> checked and I get
> the same error with the source version, so it's not the installer's
> fault...  This is the trace I get:

Damn.  Can you add a bug? :)  Adding this to the test suite would be

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