[spambayes-dev] Question about recovering the Database.

Simon Fenney simonf at videologic.com
Thu Jul 3 09:37:29 EDT 2003

Dear spambayes-devs,
 I had been using spambayes (0.3) happily for a week up until now (with
Outlook 2000 on Windows 95), but this morning it's reporting "Error Details:
Failed to load bayes database".

I've just read the FAQ and it says that there were (are?) problems with the
database being corrupted when closing the program/windoze. I'm usually close
outlook before shutting down but perhaps last night I didn't.

Since I've deleted much of the training spam, is there anyway to fix the
corruption in the database? 


PS: Can I suggest that version 0.4 first saves new database as a different
filename and then moves the filenames so that old one is kept?

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