[spambayes-dev] How can we support Mark?

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Jul 3 16:31:06 EDT 2003

> Every morning I come in to a slew of SF reports related to problems
> with the Spambayes Outlook plugin.  Each day they seem to get more
> esoteric.  Now we are starting to see a bunch related to Unicode
> problems.  While I'm sure Mark is technically capable of handling all
> this, I'm afraid he's swamped now or will be in the near future.

I'm sure it helps when others close duplicate bug reports, enter emailed bug
reports into the tracker, and reply to emailed bug reports pointing the
poster to the relevant tracker issue.  Windows users aren't generally
comfortable with open source (due to unfamiliarity), so tend to act as if
developers should give a shit <wink>.  That can be time-consuming.

> It's great that the Outlook plugin is so popular, but I don't want to
> see Mark burn out supporting what can only be viewed as a labor of
> love.  What can we do to offload him?  Is there some way to recruit
> more Windows-savvy Python programmers to the Spambayes fold?

Short of offering to pay them, I doubt we'll have more luck with that here
than we have in the Python world (where Mark is also irreplaceable).

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