[spambayes-dev] Question About SpamBayes

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Fri Jul 11 11:34:26 EDT 2003

Please view the documentation with the tool, find the "Troubleshooting
Guide", and follow the instructions for reporting a bug.  Of most interest
here will be the log file, which will contain an error for the message in
question.  We really need this log to be able to help.


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  First off, I have used the product since July 7th and am very impressed
with its performance.  I trained the system with about 2,000 "good" emails
and about 180 "bad" emails when I first set it up.

  I do have a question.

  I have received a few emails which SpamBayes has not "filtered" and are
obvious Spam. When highlight the eamail header and click on the button
"Delete As Spam", nothing happens.  (This button does work with other emails
I've tried, both Ham & Spam).

  The following is the message.  Is there anything in the message which
makes it unique, so SpamBayes does not recognize it, or maybe it is adding
it to the "Spam" database but does not automatically move it to the Spam
folder when you click on the "Delete As Spam" button.?

  Thank you for your time,
  Russ Bohn
  816-480-3807  voice
  816-480-3883  fax
  rbohn at solution-pros.com
  Here is the message:

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