[spambayes-dev] Names

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Tue Jul 15 14:48:39 EDT 2003

> Two protocols, two networking frameworks, one script -- 
> sounds like the right name is sb-overkill.  ;->

:)  It does need the two protocols; the two frameworks is because
twisted has some built-in IMAP stuff, whereas asyncore is just the
basics.  I did consider doing a twisted version of POP3 proxy, but there
didn't seem to be any gain (for the considerable pain...).

Almost all of the POP3 (and asyncore) code, however, is in pop3proxy.py
- this script just imports what it needs.  I will probably split the
rest into an imapserver module that is just that, and have the main
script import that too.  So the script isn't really implementing all
that, just using it.

Tempted-to-name-it-overkill-anyway ly,
Tony Meyer

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