[spambayes-dev] Names

T. Alexander Popiel popiel at wolfskeep.com
Tue Jul 15 10:45:24 EDT 2003

In message:  <16147.27208.537708.959965 at montanaro.dyndns.org>
             Skip Montanaro <skip at pobox.com> writes:
>    >> I have no particular ideas about the name of this application, but
>    >> shouldn't we have an apps directory instead of cluttering the top
>    >> level of the distribution with applications?
>    Tony> In this case, what about we just adopt Greg's suggestion?


>Fine by me, but why the sb- prefix?  Is there some clash with existing

I don't think the issue is clash with existing applications;
rather, the issue is namespace pollution.  The gist of the
argument is that if we use such generic names, then future
people will be barred from using equally generic names...
but we have no more right to those names than those other
people, so we should not preemptively take the names.

I have run into similar problems in the past, where two packages
used 'dbload' (specifically bsddb and TinyMUSH 2.2).  Similarly,
MH has equal namespace pollution problems with 'next', 'prev',
'show', 'scan', etc.  We don't want to be equally ill-mannered
with spambayes.

>    Tony> (In particular, can someone explain to me the difference between
>    Tony> hammiefilter and hammie?)
>I'm not sure just what hammie does, but hammiefilter reads a message from
>stdin and writes a message to stdout with the X-Spambayes-* header(s).
>That's what I use from procmail.

I believe that hammie.py implements significant guts of the command-line
system, whereas hammiefilter.py is the preferred invocation interface.
hammie.py also can be invoked directly, but I believe that is deprecated.

>    Tony> Is there any nice way to do this under CVS (i.e. apart from just
>    Tony> checking in the files in the new directory as v0.1 and removing
>    Tony> the old ones)?
>Nothing nice that I'm aware of, especially if you have to get SF involved
>(might take awhile).

No, there is no nice way to move files in CVS, and SF frowns on monkeying
with the repository to do it in the non-nice way.

- Alex

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