[spambayes-dev] Names

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Jul 21 04:41:21 EDT 2003

+1 on Skip's proposal for an apps subdir so as not to clutter the top
level directory.

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 00:25, Meyer, Tony wrote:
> I'm going to check in a new spambayes app shortly (discussed a while
> back), but I'm not really sure what name to give it.
> It acts as both a POP3 proxy (using asyncore) and an IMAP server (using
> twisted).  While writing it, I've called it imapserver.py, but that
> isn't really accurate, since it's more than just an imap server (and
> it's not a full imap server either, just what it needs to be).

Tony, this sounds interesting and is along the lines of some of my
earlier fiddling (nothing that got far enough along to check in).  I had
also played with a maildir-based classifier, but then realized there
doesn't seem to exist a free/open source imap server of any ilk that can
grok both maildir and mbox folders (courier seems to be just maildir,
uw-imap just mbox, afaict).

My next logical step <wink> was a Twisted based imap server that
understands both on-disk formats and does "some kind of spambayes
filtering as well".  Sounds like you've made good progress along that
front.  I don't really care about pop3 at all.

> Given Greg's comments about names, I'd rather check it in with something
> appropriate than have to change it later.  Does anyone have any
> suggestions [1]?

I called mine imapfilter.py but that sucks.  Maybe just "pymap" would be
a neat Python application that Just Happens to support spam filtering
and training???


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