[spambayes-dev] New experimental 'timer' for Outlook checked in

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Mon Jul 28 10:58:22 EDT 2003

I just checked in an optional "timer" mode for the Outlook addin.  The
general process is this:

* When a new message is received, any existing timers are stopped, and a new
timer is started (the 'start delay').
* After this timer fires, we do the following:
  - Kill the timer (ie, all timers fire exactly once)
  - Look for a new message to score.  If found, score it, and start a new
timer for the next message (the 'interval')
  - If no new message found, don't start a new timer, and just wait for the
entire process to restart.

If enabled, the timer is also used to process "missed messages" - ie,
Outlook will start immediately, and "missed messages" will slowly be
processed, as per the timer process.

As the timer is restarted whenever new mail comes in, there should be far
less chance of SpamBayes upsetting the builtin Outlook rules.  This has
certainly been working better for me over the last couple of days.

NOTE: You NEED a new win32all to enable the timer - sorry.  Get it from my
starship page (156 or 157)

See Outlook2000\config.py for more details, but once you have a new
win32all, adding the following to your config file should get you started.

All comments welcome!


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