[spambayes-dev] Making the FAQ

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Thu Jul 31 23:04:05 EDT 2003

> I can't seem to cvs-up at the moment, but it exactly matches the v1.8
> that viewcvs gives me.  Looking at the check-ins list there 
> doesn't seem
> to be anything more recent.

Hmm - damn Kiwi's and their strange time zones <wink>.  According to Outlook
you sent this some hours after I checked in 1.9.

> P.S. Did you try my process?  You are positive that this 
> works for you, right?

How about trying this:

# First ensure everything is up-to-date
% make
make: Nothing to be done for `all'.

# Now ensure our ".ht -> .html" rule works
% touch faq.ht && make
./scripts/ht2html/ht2html.py -f -s SpamBayesFAQGenerator -r . ./faq.ht
Processing ./faq.ht...

# correct!  Make sure this again left us up to date
% make
make: Nothing to be done for `all'.

# Now both rules!
% touch faq.txt && make -e
e:/src/docutils/tools/html.py faq.txt > faq.body.tmp
echo "Title: SpamBayes FAQ" > faq.ht
echo "Author-Email: SpamBayes at python.org" >> faq.ht
echo "Author: SpamBayes" >> faq.ht
echo "" >> faq.ht
cat faq.body.tmp | sed -e '1,/<body>/d' -e '/<\/body>/,$d' >> faq.ht
rm faq.body.tmp
./scripts/ht2html/ht2html.py -f -s SpamBayesFAQGenerator -r . ./faq.ht
Processing ./faq.ht...

Note the "-e" - this is because I have set DUHTML in my environment, and
"-e" forces make to believe that over the default in the make file.

Note the last 2 lines are identical to the first 'make' above - this is the
'.ht -> .html' rule.  The rest of the lines are the '.txt -> .ht' rule.

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