[spambayes-dev] Version information repository

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Fri Jun 6 08:09:34 EDT 2003

    Tony> I think that this makes sense as a current state, assuming that we
    Tony> are about to put up a new package for download:

    Tony> Main:        0.10, Spambayes Beta1, May 2003
    Tony> Hammie:      0.10, ? Beta1, Jan 2003
    Tony> POP3Proxy:   0.03, Spambayes POP3 Proxy Alpha3, May 2003
    Tony> SMTPProxy:   0.01, Spambayes SMTP Proxy Alpha1, May 2003
    Tony> IMAPFilter:  0.01, Spambayes IMAP Filter Alpha1, May 2003
    Tony> NotesFilter: 0.01, Spambayes Lotus Notes Filter Alpha1, Mar 2003

I think the POP3Proxy is sufficiently well-tested to be considered beta
unless you have some significant known issues which are unresolved.


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