[spambayes-dev] Outlook Express and other 'dumb' clients

Anthony Baxter anthony at interlink.com.au
Mon Jun 16 16:34:41 EDT 2003

>>> "Meyer, Tony" wrote
> Actually twisted seems to have one that is "semi-stable".  There's a
> IMAPServer class in the API, at least.  (Wonder why my googling didn't
> find this?)

Beats me. Googling for "site:twistedmatrix.com python imap server twisted"
doesn't produce much, either. Note that the "semi-stable" refers to the
API, not to the code quality.

> (a) learn how to use twisted and create the OE/IMAP thing based on that
> (possibly meaning that users would need to install twisted)

Yes. This is going to be the happiest path.

> (b) wait for Anthony to write his, get him to contribute it, and base it
> on that

Unlikely that the stuff I'm doing will be of much/any use to you. I'm
simply bolting an MH backend onto the twisted IMAP server so that I
can use a GUI mailer with MH support, and still use the command line

> (c) write my own
> (c) has the appeal that I can start now, and I don't need a
> fully-fledged server anyway (I don't think), but has the reinventing the
> wheel problem.  

We (the python community) really don't need to go down the perl path
of everyone re-inventing the same wheel, and each implementing a 
subset of the full functionality of said wheel. Particularly when the
wheel is as complex as IMAP.

> (a) looks complicated.  (b) has the word 'hopefully' before soon <wink>.

Learning to use twisted is going to be a whole pile less work than
writing a full imap server. Really.


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