[spambayes-dev] proposed question for Spambayes FAQ

Meyer, Tony T.A.Meyer at massey.ac.nz
Thu Jun 26 16:05:54 EDT 2003

> If other people run into this problem, then maybe it's a good 
> candidate for the FAQ:
> I have the Outlook plugin of Spambayes and every time I exit 
> from Outlook, it forgets all the training.  Whether I reboot 
> the computer or simply close Outlook and reopen it, either 
> way it doesn't retain any training information.

This probably is a good FAQ candidate, so I've added it.  We can
probably remove it once the next release (which fixes this) has been out
for a while.

It's online now, but here's the answer I wrote:

"""This is a known problem with the 002 release of the plug-in (or
earlier). What is probably happening is that Outlook is not shutting
down properly or completely, or is being forced to shut down too
quickly. This version of the plug-in only saves training/configuration
data on shut-down, so this can result in training/configuration being
lost. To get around this problem, exit Outlook (not by
restarting/shutting down the machine), and make sure that it is
completely shut down (use the Task Manager to check). This should save
your training and configuration. The 003 release (and later) saves as
required, so avoids this issue."""

=Tony Meyer

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