[spambayes-dev] FAQ update

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed May 28 21:31:11 EDT 2003

    bill> 1. readded "why don't you bounce back spam?"

I added this.

    bill> 2. remade the page w3c compliant (html 4.01)

Can you explain in general what you did?  I can't apply your patch as it
stands because it would completely undo what I did to create version 1.15.

    bill> 3. skipped TIDY (manually conformed to format)

Tidy's not normally a huge deal, but with all the nested lists it helps get
all the <ol>'s and <li>'s lined up with the corresponding </ol>'s and
</li>'s.  (And when I first programmed LISP on the CDC Cyber at Iowa I
thought all the parens would drive me nuts.  Parens are downright docile
compared with HTML tags.)

This exercise has convinced me this is a really bad way to maintain the FAQ.
We either need to maintain it in another form which can be converted to
something with a TOC and body as part of the ht2html/make process or switch
to another technology altogether (faq wizard, blog, wiki).  Any idea what,
if anything could be run on SF?

Inputs, give me inputs!  My kingdom for an input!


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