[spambayes-dev] proposal for more uniform option setting from the command line

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Wed Nov 12 14:59:44 EST 2003

    >> This could be extended further.  Should the user give an incomplete
    >> -o flag such as "-o Storage" or "-o Storage:spam_cache", help about
    >> that section or variable could be emitted:

    Alex> I would tend to put this in a separate syntax, and have an
    Alex> incomplete specification just emit an error message (possibly
    Alex> saying something like 'use --help=Storage for more information').

I thought about this.  I suppose you're right about the incomplete flags.
It doesn't give you a way to ask about all option file sections either.  I
think it's best to leave --help/-h alone (no args) and have a pair of
standard options used like


with obvious semantics.  Or maybe you can glob things:

    --help-section=*            # problematic - * can be special to shells


    --help-section=all          # relies on special "section" "all"


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