[spambayes-dev] Code locations in Spambayes Outlook plugin

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Fri Nov 14 01:14:57 EST 2003

[TP Diffenbach]
> I'd like to extend the Spambayes Outlook plugin a bit.
> In the Spambayes Outlook Plugin, in which module are the header lines
> (Outlook lingo: CdoPR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS) extracted?

The plugin doesn't use the CDO API -- it's too problematic across Outlook
variations (e.g., it appears it's not even available in most IMO
configurations, unless the user manually installs CDO from their Office CD).
It uses low-level MAPI instead.  Search the source for the MAPI
PR_TRANSPORT_MESSAGE_HEADERS_A property and you'll soon find it.  Be warned
that raw MAPI can be extremely painful to work with (although it's a hell of
a lot easier to work with from Python than from C!); OTOH, it's much faster
than CDO too, and that's important to the plugin for high-volume users.

> In which module is the spam percentage score added to the Outlook
> mail item? 

The same module you'll find above, in the SetField method of class
MAPIMsgStoreMsg (I'm resisting becoming a remote search button in your text
editor <wink>).

> (Why I'm doing this: the headers aren't accessible in Outlook except
> via View|Options, or programmatically. I want an Outlook form that
> automatically displays the headers, but doing it in Visual Basic
> Script is problematic because of Outlook's security policies.

Using MAPI directly appears to sidestep most Outlook whining.  At least so
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