[spambayes-dev] Three patches for better Evolution integration

Tony Meyer tameyer at ihug.co.nz
Mon Nov 24 21:56:38 EST 2003

> I don't like sb_imapfilter.py's tendency to create copies of 
> messages (with one marked deleted) in my ham and spam 
> training folders.  I vaguely remember some discussion about 
> this and I'm not sure if it's fixable or not (I'm using 
> uw_imap -- yeah, yeah, I know, I know).  I may try, but if I 
> fail, I'll probably just rsync over those two folders and do 
> an mbox train on them.

The reason it does that is to mark the messages with an id so that it can
identify them in future (by adding an "X-SpamBayes-ID" header).  IMAP
doesn't let you modify a message (or even move one <sigh>), so the filter
makes a copy instead.  IMAP has ids of it's own (one for the message and one
for the folder), but they're not guaranteed to be permanent, and there were
early problems because with some servers they aren't (the best that the spec
offers is to let you know when the ids will be all wrong).

The reason for marking the messages is so that they aren't continually
trained (hence also the reliance on the 'message info' db).  If you can come
up with a way around this, that would be fantastic, and make imapfilter a
lot simpler.  If you can't be bothered trying, and have access to the mail
via something other than IMAP, then yes, that would be much easier.

=Tony Meyer

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