[spambayes-dev] Setting up a new account

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Thu Oct 2 12:55:33 EDT 2003

    Sjoerd> The problem is that it does indeed start a browser and waits for
    Sjoerd> the command to finish before starting to serve webpages.  This
    Sjoerd> of course does not work.  It should not wait.  In fact, I'm not
    Sjoerd> convinced that it should start a browser in the first place.

All it does is call webbrowser.open(...), (or open_new) right?  It's a bug
in the webbrowser module or its setup if it doesn't return after launching
the page.  I just tried


with BROWSER=open in my environment.  It returned immediately, then Safari
popped up with the page.  Do you have the BROWSER environment variable set?
What does webbrowser.get() return for you?


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