[spambayes-dev] Bad spam & unsure stats in Outlook addin

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Thu Oct 2 13:36:35 EDT 2003

I noticed that the #spam and #unsure recorded by the Outlook addin were
always even, while the #ham was sometimes even and sometimes odd.

Paying closer attention, the #spam and #unsure reported are twice as big as
they should be.

This appears due to filter_message in Outlook2000/filter.py:

def filter_message(msg, mgr, all_actions=True):
    prob = mgr.score(msg)
    prob_perc = prob * 100
    if prob_perc >= config.spam_threshold:
        mgr.stats.num_spam += 1                    HERE
    elif prob_perc >= config.unsure_threshold:
        mgr.stats.num_unsure += 1                  HERE


        mgr.stats.RecordClassification(prob)       HERE

That is, the start of the function reaches into mgt.stats and increments its
num_spam and num_unsure directly, while near the end of the function the
call to mgr.stats.RecordClassifiaction bumps them (indirectly) again.

Offhand I'm not sure which is the better place to do this -- but it probably
shouldn't be done both places <wink>.

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