[spambayes-dev] Imap and Spam Bayes

Paul Wagland spambayes at kungfoocoder.org
Fri Oct 3 16:43:29 EDT 2003

Hi all,

First up, I want to say that this product looks really promising, kudos
to the team that are responsible for it up to this point!

However I have had a few (what I hope are my due to my incompetence :-)
problems, namely: (these are all with version 1.0a6)
      * SSL support doesn't work for me. I notice in the ChangeLog that
        it says that there is a trivial fix for IMAP and SSL. I notice
        that it says that IMAP and SSL are untested. I can work around
        this in my test environment, but my production IMAP only allows
        SSL connections. I also note that the configure web screen seems
        to imply that I do not need to do anything special to specify
        SSL, just specify the hostname.
      * When SpamBayes does run it seems to generate a lot of duplicate
        messages. That is, when it filters messages in my INBOX (doing a
        very good job of deciding!) it tends to generate two deleted
        messages for everything, plus one undeleted message for the HAM
        in the INBOX, or one undeleted message in the SPAM/Maybe-SPAM
      * It would be really nice if when deleting the messages it could
        also mark them as read (makes evolution much happier)
      * (This is a suggestion) Make the IMAP client do IDLE requests
        where possible. Then it would not have to poll the IMAP server,
        and can just be notified when new mail is placed into the

Are these known problems? If not, should I investigate them further? If
so, can anyone give me some clues on where I should look for the various

I am running Debian, python 2.3, with the IMAP server a CYRUS 2.1.15
server (also running on Linux).

Thanks for all of your efforts,

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