[spambayes-dev] Imap and Spam Bayes

Paul Wagland spambayes at kungfoocoder.org
Sat Oct 4 14:22:53 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-10-04 at 00:09, Paul Wagland wrote:
> *sigh*
> This has got to be my quickest self reply... :-\

And probably one of my least accurate :-(

> On Fri, 2003-10-03 at 22:43, Paul Wagland wrote:
> >       * SSL support doesn't work for me. I notice in the ChangeLog that
> >         it says that there is a trivial fix for IMAP and SSL. I notice
> >         that it says that IMAP and SSL are untested. I can work around
> >         this in my test environment, but my production IMAP only allows
> >         SSL connections. I also note that the configure web screen seems
> >         to imply that I do not need to do anything special to specify
> >         SSL, just specify the hostname.
> OK. It turns out the SSL does work OK, you just can't set it up through
> the web front end... expect a patch from me for that soon. Turns out
> that you need to put use_ssl=True in the ini file.  Lucky us :-) While
> doing waiting for some other testing to complete I have finished this
> patch (very small and easy :-) and have attached it to this mail.

Well, as you have probably figured the patch doesn't really help...
Turns out that for some reason the test: (ImapUI.py)
            from imaplib import IMAP_SSL
        except ImportError:
            parm_list = list(parm_map)
            parm_list.remove(("imap", "use_ssl"))
            parm_map = tuple(parm_list)

fails on my machine... but, SSL still works! That is, when I specify
use_ssl=True it works, and uses SSL, but it is never shown in the web
front end.... I believe that the above test should be

            from imaplib import IMAP4_SSL

This is what sb_imapfilter.py imports, which is why I believe that it

I still think that the other patch has some utility, since (to me) the
descriptions are a little more accurate and informative.


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